Destructive Tourism: Topic for Latest News

Published: 01st June 2011
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A country is made of certain communities, landscapes, dynamics and versatility. Together they are living reminder of Cultural Heritage. People generally are proud of their treasure inherited since the dawn of civilization. India is one such country that has strong reasons to share same emotion. India News talks about heritage whenever something of International importance is going to take place in the home. Commercialization also makes a debatable issue in the news with respect of tourism. Asia, a major destination of tourism, remains in Asia news due to the bad impact of the commercialization. Excessive marketing and misuse (along with low maintenance) of this heritage has drawn attention in latest news at various times.

As human beings, we are given certain liberties that are not bestowed upon other species of animal Kingdom. We are known for possessing and demonstrating emotions in endless ways. We are curious and creative but our curiosity and anxiousness is destroying whatever is natural around us. We never realize in our elation that we are doing anything wrong and badly consequential. Polluting the place we love is one form of Destruction. We have got accustomed to it. Indian heritage is also enduring the hurt given more often by its own people. It has been in news at various points of time, be it India News or Asia news.

World has started paying for what it has done to nature. Started from a very small scale it is opening doors to bigger calamities. Latest news about Tsunami and earthquakes in Japan are just the cues one want. Increasing sea pollution has resulted in diminishing of various species to the point of extinction. Urbanization is another factor that has compelled culture and tradition to go stony path of loss. Everybody wants to make money. This mindset has lead young mind to become managers, engineers, etc with big firms but not the artists their forefathers were. This is a huge blow on a country like India.

We never will accept conscientiously that we are at odds with nature unless we are at the verge of loosing everything we love and we own. We are aware that nature is supreme. Goading it can never lead us to a healthy and happy life. Still, we fall in trap of our own selfish stupidity. Latest news from all corners of world tells the same tale. Same sorts of stories are making India news as well as Asia news. Repercussions of our activities will be paid by future generations if we do not resolute to favor nature. Wake up before its too late!

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